by Gianna Fontana 

What a year we’re having — from global pandemics to murder hornets, tornadoes and just about everything in between, we meant what we said in our recent Instagram post: sometimes we’re ready to throw up the holiday decorations and fast forward! This year has been interesting to say the least and on top of that, many are adjusting to a new work environment with WFH as the plan of action. Trying to tap into what fosters creativity and brings energy to crush the conference calls, think big and make things happen from home is no small feat!

We, like many others, find ourselves in a creative field that is fast-paced and demands our full attention 100% of the time. At Heron, we pride ourselves on bringing our A-game with strategy, creativity and positivity every time we sign in for the day. As a team, we’ve given much thought to cultivating good WFH vibes, and want to share a few tips and tricks in hopes they are just the thing you need to keep moving forward!

Start the Morning Off Right

Even before office hours, doing something to shift your mindset can work wonders when it comes to working on big projects or developing creative strategy in your work. One great tip is to get moving right away! Act as if you were leaving the house for a day at the office – get dressed, get out and grab a coffee, run an early morning errand, etc. Do something that mimics your normal routine pre-quarantine. If you’re more on the brave side like a few of us in our office (cough cough, namely myself scaring my coworkers by hitting the gym at 5:30 a.m.), a pre-workday sweat session can really set you up for a successful day filled with lots of energy!

Create the Ultimate Ambience

Finding a space you love to be in is crucial (away from any children, significant others, etc. if possible!). Especially for the city dwellers, finding an additional space outside of your bedroom or kitchen table might be a non-negotiable, but that doesn’t mean you can’t make magic with the space you do have! Even if just for while you’re working, set up your “mobile office” with all the essentials to help get into a working mindset. Reserve a space for your beverage of choice, set out a favorite notebook and fun pen (between all of our team members, we pretty much have the entire Paper Source collection!). Keep plugs, cords, etc. near — leave no room for running out of battery in the middle of a Zoom call! If you are working from a laptop, consider investing in a riser and mouse (or even a fun standing or bicycle desk if you have the room) to help keep posture on point! Most importantly, add something decorative that brings you joy! Think things like fresh flowers, an adorable family picture or a scented candle – all will do the trick to help bring office vibes home with you. Sarah from our team always has a stock of Bath & Body Works scents handy for a good day ahead!

Get Set, Goal Set and Shift Your Mindset 

Once you have your morning routine on lock and your workspace is where you want it, take a look at how you’re planning the day ahead. Our team recommends doing whatever you can to start off with a strategic plan to tackle everything that’s on your plate. Things like listing your to-do’s, marking what’s really important and planning out how you’ll spend your time can help curb any confusion or anxiety you may feel while away from your team and keep the day moving fast paced. Our teammate Anneliese loves the “highlighter system” of marking completed tasks as she goes for a feeling of accomplishment. Jot down reminders to connect with your teammates on projects, or even throw in a favorite quote or mantra for the day (you know we’re fans of a good inspo quote!). Don’t forget to prioritize organization! Whether this means a filing system for your paperwork or five minutes in the morning deleting and filing away items on your computer desktop, clutter squanders creativity and is to be avoided at all costs!

Look at the Bright Side 

In addition to doing your best to position yourself physically in a place with plenty of sunlight during the day, getting outdoors for a fresh-air break is one of, if not the most important tip we have to offer and a favorite of Kathy from our team! Walking to a neighboring coffee shop or cafe for a midday pick-me-up, bringing Fido out for a walk around the block (like new pup moms, Megan and I), or just sitting out on your balcony or patio if you’re fortunate enough can work wonders on refreshing your energy and bring new life to each day.

P.S. Zoom Happy Hours may give you vibes of more stressful times past spent sheltering in place, but our team loves a socially distanced picnic in a local park to stay connected!