By: Noreen

Kate - Heron - How do you say good bye to a family member?

How do you say good bye to a family member?

That is how I am feeling today as we say farewell to VP Kate Hughes, who was my very first full-time employee.  13.5 years later, she leaves to take the position of Community and PR Director of the Wilmette School District.

Being a publicist in the categories that we represent has its challenges. Kate has been through everything from horrific fear as she waited for 30 drummers running late for a live TV spot to Windexing 200 seats before a press opening to dealing with a graphics artist who once held a logo hostage on deadline. Not to mention pitching locally, regionally and nationally, late night photo approvals, writing 16 page brochures annually, mentoring employees, setting up marketing partnerships, managing a dozen social media platforms and more.

Throughout all of it, she was always grace under pressure. Smiling and lovely. Positive and warm.

One of my favorite quotes comes from Madeline Albright: “There is a special place in hell for women who don’t help other women.” Anyone who has ever worked at the firm knows that it is one that is built on support, team work and friendship. Kate played such a big part in creating the warm environment that we are lucky to share here. We have enjoyed so many lunches, confidences, tears and laughter over the years. We are all really going to miss her. I have a lot of gratitude in my heart today.