Massage Envy

Over 10 million media impressions in just one day.


Heron Agency was engaged by Massage Envy IL for a one day charitable fundraising event for Komen for the Cure. With live segments secured on WBBM TV, WMAQ TV, WLS TV, Fox TV, WCIU TV and WGN TV, and numerous print and radio placements, franchisees made the decision to hire the agency annually.


When the State of IL downsized their licensing department slowing down the licensing procedure for Massage Therapists, which was negatively impacting the franchise, Heron stepped into secure editorial pieces in the Chicago Tribune and Crain’s Chicago Business. As a true partner, Heron Agency has also helped the franchise with their recruitment tactics, staging a unique digital marketing and social media campaign.

Massage Envy recently honored Agency President Noreen Heron with their Annual “Streetfighter of the Year” Award, given to one individual each year who directly and significantly impacts revenues for their region. From the Director of their region Peter Carlson’s speech:

“I’m not sure we have ever had any one person who has done this for our brand more than this person:

Rather than read to you the laundry list of the millions of impressions she scored for us this year, a few legendary ones through-out her tenure stand out:

Coming up with a strategy to advocate to our legislatures to change the therapist time to get licensed through an op-ed article in Crain’s featuring a live story shared by Matt Klemp.

Getting nine live cut-ins for the Yee’s Grand Opening from FOX TV centered around our Susan G. Komen national fundraising efforts.

Back to back years, getting -count them- 3 to 4 (each year) major Chicago TV & Radio segments for National Relaxation Day!

…and just off the wire this afternoon, scoring a live segment on WCIU for ways to cope with Stress for Tax Day!

It’s not just the out of the box things she produces, it’s getting through the clutter for our final gift card push the week before Christmas and scoring segments on major TV & Radio around the stress of the holidays and the benefits of massage therapy around that.

This person is more than a street fighter, she embodies what my old General Manager, John Remes used to say at KARE11, “one way or the other!”

She could run for Mayor in this town, she’s loved and treasured by her clients and the media.

No one that I know cares more about our brand and how we can make it grow here in the Windy City more than Noreen Heron!