By: Megan Gasper, Publicist

This time last year, I was at an all-time high. I had just graduated in the largest-ever graduating class at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, with amazing friends, cherished memories and degrees to help me take on the world. To top it off, unlike many of my graduating classmates, I had already secured a full time job and was moving to Chicago to begin pursuing my dreams. A year ago, I started at Heron Agency and haven’t stopped learning or changing since.

Thanks to everyone at the agency, I have been able to survive the ups and downs of moving to a new city with no friends nearby, working full-time in a demanding industry for the first time, understanding exactly what it means to be creative, to have true grit and more. I have a special note for each of my incredible teammates.

Noreen – You are the ultimate super woman. I still don’t know how you do everything you do for each of us at the agency, for our clients and for everyone in your life. Your kindness and generosity bring integrity to everything you do and I can only hope to be half the publicist you are as I advance in my career. Thank you for every new opportunity every day.

Lianne – Thank you for teaching me by example. You work so efficiently, creatively and strategically and I model what the ultimate publicist is, based on your work ethic. Thank you for guiding me to continually strengthen my writing and chat about yoga and our love for our cats, Mittens and Morris.

Holly – You are the ultimate supporter for everyone in this office. If I have a good idea, or a thought, you immediately encourage me and build up my confidence. Thank you for showing me the ropes with networking and always working hard for our team, even when it may be inconvenient or adds to all the other projects you are working on.

Sarah – I am so glad to be on your team and work together every day. Thank you for answering my hundreds of questions and keeping me organized, as well as always creatively brainstorming with me. You always stay calm and collected in situations and I never stop learning from you.

Kathy – As one of the kindest people I’ve ever met, thank you for always having a positive attitude. PR can be taxing, but if we all learn to act as steadily and sweet as you do, we will only continue to be successful. Thank you for showing me you can be a leader, no matter how long you have been with the team.

Katie – From starting together as interns to now, thank you for being a great coffee break buddy and a fantastically-driven publicist. You keep me on my game, but also keep the office interesting. Thank you for being in the trenches with me, just one desk away.

Caryn – Thank you for keeping me on top of receipts and expenses. Your sense of humor (“bite me”) keeps us all on our toes!

Parrish – Your commitment to making sure all of our computers are efficiently working, IT needs are met, and uber fast speed at accomplishing anything list related is always appreciated. Plus setting up ALL of those RVSP boxes!

Ellen – You are a social media wiz and Instagram queen! I hope to one day be as good at finding new followers for our clients as you.

For an agency that boasts long-term retention and loyalty with our clients and team members, a year under my belt is nothing. I can say, however, that I hope to keep reaching milestones, assisting my teammates and working to continue to strengthen Heron Agency and the work we do every day, for a long time.

Now… time for some wine to celebrate!