Gift guides. Gift guides. Gift guides.

Oh you’re excited about it being fall now? We’ve been pitching Holiday gift guides for weeks… Publicists are always living in the future. It’s been back to school and fall trend time for a while. It feels like old news.


Editorial Calendars.

When the leaves start to change, publicists are already working for January and February. This means updating our records of editorial calendar content for all major publications. Time consuming, but so exciting to see what a new year will bring!



Let’s be real. Caffeine is a publicist’s Holy Grail every day of the year. But once fall hits, we wish iced coffee goodbye and welcome warm coffee with open arms. Nothing is better than the tastes of fall… looking at you Pumpkin Spice Latte.



Once fall shows its chilly face, we alter our daily look, opting for warm and chic options! In Chicago winter, we need everything possible to protect us on the way to client events or just to grab a treat from the coffee shop down the street. You’ll always find a sweater or wrap (or two) on the back of every chair! Some might have jingle bells on them… to each their own.


Holiday Music!

There’s no better way to bring cheer to jam music through the speakers at the office. For us, it’s never too early to celebrate. Executive Vice President Lianne Hedditch has been counting down for the holiday season since May. It is the happiest time of year, after all. The holidays bring a reason to drink more wine… Cheers to that.

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