MIRACLE The Musical

MIRACLE saw a 2,518% return on ad spend in only two months, and before opening night. This resulted in over six figures of revenue for the musical.


MIRACLE The Musical is inspired by the Chicago Cubs 2016 World Series Championship win and chronicles the life of a northside family whose lives for generations have been intrinsically linked to the Cubs.

The show’s goal was to sell tickets before opening night and see a return on ad spend while reaching a hyper-targeted, die-hard audience.


To begin the campaign, Heron Agency simply placed a pixel on MIRACLE The Musical’s Ticketmaster website. The pixel is a piece of code that gives companies insight into the traffic of their websites and tells them what actions people are taking – such as page browsing or product purchasing. MIRACLE The Musical then chose purchase as its conversion goal and used information from the pixel as the source to automatically create custom and lookalike audiences.

Heron Agency created visually-appealing photo and video ads, with enticing copy, to run in Facebook News Feeds and Instagram Feeds. Each ad had a call-to-action button that allowed users to purchase tickets through the ad. We served the ad to men and women who lived in Chicago, IL that were interested in musical theatre, Chicago Cubs, Wrigley Field, plays, entertainment, etc.

By narrowing the core audience and using a variety of ads in this campaign, which ran from March to May 2019, MIRACLE The Musical saw a 2,518% return on ad spend before opening night.