Written by Laurie Levy
Photograph by Susan Anderson

Today's Chicago Woman: Chicago's Most Fashionable Women Noreen HeronImpeccable taste. It’s not a matter of money, but an issue of style. Regardless of how informal the workplace or the event, there are many women and men who understand casual chic and dress accordingly. Others opt for a more formal look. setting their own style standards. Whether dressed up or dressed down, these are among Chicago’s chicest when it comes to looking great.

Full list below.

The Trendsetters
Their unique style invites copycats.

Ann Amboian
Rachel Feldstein
Leslie Goldberg
Noreen Heron
Mellody Hobson
Julie Kligman

Lisa Lenior
Collette May
Bao Nguyen
Benetta Park
Meredith Soren
Barrie Yellen

Chicago’s Fashion Hall of Fame
These are the style setters that break all Midwest stereotypes.

Diann Burns
Maria Bechily Hodes
Maria Bechily Hodes
Mary Ann Childers
Deirdre Curry
Shelley Farley
Denise Gardner
Karen Gray
Carol Prins Hart
Linda Heister
Margie Korshak
Maureen Lampert

Carrie Lannon
Linda Johnson Rice
Desiree Rogers
Shirley Ryan
Joy Sandier
Abra Wilkin
Phyllis Zee
Paul Beitler
Bob Berk
Norman Bobins
Edward Burke
Tom Burrell

Michael Christ
Philip Corboy
Paul Episcope
Martin Gapshis
Gene Golub
Mark Heister
Jesse Jackson
Rodger Wade Pielet
Tony Rossi
Mark Rubin
Robert Rubin
Jack Weiss

Babes in Black
It’s a rare day when black isn’t their color of choice.

Marsha Brenner
Carrie Ann DeYoung
Edye Gershman

Holly Hunt
Susan Salzman
Elizabeth Shure

Walking Billboards
Fashion is their business and they just happen to be their own best ads.

Barbara Bates
Rose Becker
Caroline Becker-Joss
Yvette Simone Contorno
Helena Contos
Nancy Corfman
Betsy Dittman
Sheryl Dyer
Dorothy Fuller

Linda Heister
Mira Horoszowski
Kit Hughes
Nena lvon
Yolanda Lorente
Maria Pinto
Cindy Ray
Patricia Rhodes
Marigale Walsh

Amy Zoller
Dick Braido
Richard Dayhoff
Mark Heister
Ralph Hughes
Tom Jackson
John Jones
Daniel Nack
Peter Schellenberger