Today's Chicago Woman: Meet Chicago's "It Girls"You know the ones. They’re successful. Admired. Magnetic. They’ve got “it.” What is “it exactly? Heard the cliché ‘when you’ve got it, you’ve got it? Well, some women seem to have it all. They live with a certain flair and sophistication. When they walk into a room, heads turn. They dispel the notion that an “it girl” is a celebrity stereotype. Chicago’s “it girls” do a lot more than party. They’re business leaders, mothers, entrepreneurs and pioneers in their professions. Read what they’re all about…


Before she opened her own public relations, special events and advertising firm, Noreen worked with Hyatt Regency Chicago’s 2,019-room hotel, Hyatt’s largest property in the world and Chicago’s biggest hotel. Now Hyatt is just one of her many clients. She also represents some of the city’s hottest theater productions and trendiest restaurants.


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