On Friday, a few team members attended the Summer Soiree with Ketel One Botanical at VU Rooftop Bar. VU Rooftop Bar, 22 stories above the city in the South Loop, threw an end of the season party in partnership with Ketel One for guests to sample and experience the delicious and refreshing taste of the new Botanical series. Guests were offered 3 different Ketel One Botanical cocktails, chef hors d’oeuvres, and exciting entertainment from professional flamenco dancer and percussion, Ronaldo Monge and his troop.

The party was held in the solarium of VU Rooftop Bar’s east terrace, featuring beautiful views of Lake Michigan and the South Loop. Comfortable seating featuring lavish low to the ground fire pits set the perfect scene for a goodbye to summer. The evening started with the introduction of the three expertly mixed cocktails that guests were offered to try. The Mandarin Peach Sangria, with Mandarin Peach Ketel One Botanical vodka, Dolin blanc vermouth, triple sec, lemon, white wine, and simple sherry…all topped with fresh raspberries and blueberries. The combination created a perfect balance introducing fall fruit flavors with a dry and easy to sip crispness.

The Mint Cucumber Mule offered guests the perfect refreshing drink for a warm summer night. VU’s play on a Moscow Mule, the Mint Cucumber Mule featured Cucumber Mint Ketel One Botanical vodka, lime, simple syrup, mint and ginger beer.

For those with a sweet side, the Grapefruit Rose “Bellini”, showcasing Grapefruit Rose Ketel One Botanical vodka with pineapple, cassis, simple syrup, and sparkling rose was the perfect choice for a sweet and sour end to the evening.

The chef hors d‘oeuvres, expertly crafted by Executive Chef Nolan Narut, were flowing throughout the night. Bites includes adventurous tastings such as seasoned octopus, chorizo with quail eggs, and more.

The night ended with an exciting performance by Ronaldo Monge. Accompanied by live singing, Monge and his partner performed several beautiful flamenco dances all while intermediately playing classical percussionist tunes with the use of clapping, drums, box, and using their feet to add to the tunes with the clicking of their heels on the wooden floor. A portion of their set can be seen below!

For more information about VU, visit www.vurooftop.com or call 312.528.0191.