By now, we’ve all learned that in times like these, there is no choice but to be flexible and adapt to new environments.  As states progress (and in some cases, regress) in their reopening phases, one thing is certain- major gatherings, such as events, concerts, festivals, and more are being cancelled.  To some organizations, such as many of our clients, these events are major staples in their annual budgets and marketing strategies.  “The show must go on,” so we’ve helped many clients navigate through taking their events virtual, which have provided some wonderful opportunities for moving forward to add these types of digital events into their annual programming.

Many of our clients have found amazing benefits to virtual press conferences, festivals, fundraising events, and more including:

-No more geographic barriers- Previously, guests could only attend an event if they were physically capable.  Having an event virtually allows guests to attend from around the globe.  Only a digital connection and a few clicks of a button necessary.  For press conferences, this means more journalists are able to cover.  Digital event = broader reach and wider brand recognition.

-Limitless potential – With no need for permits, and no special restrictions, there is limitless potential for vendors, retailers, and more to participate in your event.  These virtual events are also more environmentally friendly, 100% guaranteed, and don’t have the possibility of being cancelled due to weather

-Low cost- From free tools, such as Instagram Live and Facebook Live, to less expensive tools, such as Zoom, there are many options to spread your message to the masses at a small cost.  Whether broadcasting from a phone, or a professional camera crew, there are many options to take your event virtual.

-Digital Fundraising- By having events housed online, businesses can easily link to GoFundMe, Facebook Fundraising, and more.  This allows potential donors ease of access to donate to your cause.

-Archival- Most virtual events allow you the opportunity to download the entirety of your event.  This will be forever accessible for archival purposes.

Our agency has helped execute quite a few virtual events over the past few months, from productions, to festivals, press conferences and more. We would love to help you navigate through your options as well.  Please feel free to reach out to us at or 773.969.5200.